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Judge Fannoush is a renowned Libyan law practitioner and expert, with over decades of experience. He retired as a senior judge (with the rank of President at the Court of Appeal of Tripoli), after a 38-year-long legal career. He is currently based in Canada where he practices independently as a practitioner and expert on Libyan law, Arab laws and Sharia.

Arabic is Judge Fannoush’s mother tongue. He speaks English fluently and French adequately.

Beyond law, Judge Fannoush has a strong interest in entrepreneurship and the Arabic language. He teaches a basic Arabic course at the University of New Brunswick's Leisure Learning Program.


He assumed prestigious positions in the Libyan judicial hierarchy, before his career was crowned by his membership at the Libyan Judicial Council for eight consecutive years, after which he retired in 2012.

In 2006, Judge Fannoush was elected by the Assembly of the African Heads of States to the position of Human Rights judge in the first panel of Pan African judges to sit at the African Court of Human and Peoples Rights in Arusha, Tanzania. His mandate spanned for four years. Judge Fannoush remains committed to human rights. He regularly gives talks and conferences on that important matter.

Judge Fannoush takes special interest in civil, commercial and administrative laws, combined with his broad knowledge of Islamic Law. Judge Fannoush is particularly well positioned to understand, interpret and opine on civil, commercial, administrative law matters.

Judge Fannoush benefited from extensive training in commercial arbitration and has practical experience providing expertise in commercial and investment treaty arbitrations.



For more information regarding Judge Fannoush’s services, please do not hesitate to contact him directly :  info (at )

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